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Ukrainian banks augmented the capital in priority rates in 2011 Ukrainian banks augmented the capital in priority rates in 2011

The capital of Ukrainian banks went up by 16.9% in 2011. It was UAH161 billion as of 01/01/2012 (equal to USD20.15B acc. to NBU exchange rate). Net equity comprises 15.2% of liabilities & equity in Ukraine’s banking system.

The share of banks’ net equity in liabilities & equity of the banking system increased insignificantly from 01/01/2011. A year ago it comprised 15% of banks liabilities.

Besides, a paid-up authorized capital stock of banks grew by 17.8%, to UAH171.9 billion, for the past year.

Banks liabilities increased by 11.6%, from 01/01/2011 to 01/01/2012, to UAH897.6 billion (equal to USD112.34 billion acc. to NBU exchange rate).

The top line in the liability structure was occupied by funds of individuals – USD306.2 billion (equal to USD38.38B acc. to NBU exchange rate), or 34.1% of liabilities. As of 01/01/2011, funds of individuals were UAH270.7 billion, or 33.7% of liabilities. Thus, the growth in was 13.26% in absolute terms. The share of funds of individuals in liabilities increased as well – from 33.7%, to 34.1%.

As of 01/01/2012, funds of business entities were UAH186.2 billion (equal to USD23.3 billion acc. to NBU exchange rate), or 20.7% of total liabilities. Recall that funds of business entities were UAH144 billion on 01/01/2011, or 17.9% of total liabilities. Funds of business entities went up by 29.3% in absolute terms, for the past year. Besides, the line funds of business entities moved to the second position outrunning interbank credits in the liabilities structure.

As of 01/01/2012, interbank credits and deposits were UAH166.5 billion (equal to USD20.84 billion acc. to NBU official rate), or 18.6% of total liabilities. On 01/01/2011, the specified indicators made up UAH172.8 billion, or 21.5% of total liabilities. As we can see, interbank credits reduced by 3.64% for one year, which moved it from the second to the third position in the liabilities structure of Ukrainian banking system.

Assets of Ukrainian banks increased by 12.4% for one year making up UAH1058.6 billion, as of 01/01/2012. Total assets are UAH1212.9 billion (equal to USD151.8 billion acc. to NBU exchange rate). They went up by 11.26% for one year.

The banks asset structure was as follows, on 01/01/2012:

lending transactions – 68.0%;

deposits to securities – 7.2%;

correspondent accounts opened at other banks – 6.5%;

cash, precious metals and funds in the National Bank of Ukraine – 4.9%;

fixed assets and intangible assets – 4.6%;

accrued assets – 4.4%;

accounts receivable – 3.4%;

other assets – 1.0%.

Bank assets made up UAH945.5 billion as of 01/01/2012, and total assets – UAH1090.1 billion. The share of lending transactions in total assets was 69.3%.

176 Ukrainian banks have been licensed by the National Bank of Ukraine to perform banking transactions, as of 01/01/2012.